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Shining is one of the leading wire mesh baskets manufacturers from China and produces a wide variety of storage baskets and animal cages. We can make steel wire baskets, containers and warehouse security cages according to your exact specification. We also have an extensive inventory of wire baskets in any size and all shapes.

Wire mesh baskets are commonly made of stainless steel, tinned iron, galvanized iron, chrome coated iron or plastic iron. The surface is good and smooth. The products have many applications in the places of hospital, laboratory, kitchen, industrial, military and aerospace component parts. Wire mesh baskets also can be used for sand blaster and draining food products, with the features of strong and durable.

We offer a variety of wire mesh further processed products, mainly wire mesh containers, wire mesh baskets, wire mesh display shelves, stands, etc. We can also process various wire mesh products for filtration.

Our wire mesh baskets can be used in a sand blaster, and it is more stronger and durable than mesh colanders used for draining food products.

We can make large wire baskets or small wire baskets, to your exact specification. All you need to do is contact us and let us know what you need.

Hot Products

Wire baskets can be round, rectangular, straining. Washing and degreasing baskets are usually used in clean rooms, food processing plants, aerospace, medical, research and laboratories.

With various types, material handling baskets are used to move products and precisely machined. It is also used to transport parts in aerospace and medical factories.

Clean Rooms in a laboratory environment need wire baskets and mesh baskets for various medical component and pharmaceutical products. In hospitals, medical baskets are used for medicine.

Filtration baskets used while sterilizing medical equipment is a common application for laboratory baskets. They are also engineered for various manufacturing processes.

The most popular products and specifications
  • Wire mesh baskets, 48" × 36" × 6" tall with compartments 6" × 8" with lid and handles, mesh have opening of 1/8".
  • Wire baskets (for production package) - metallic boxes ( zinc coated) with the following dimensions: length 1040mm, width 910mm, height 85mm, diameter of the metal rods 6mm-9mm.
  • SS 304 baskets with 2 layers, 10 mesh/30 mesh, wire diameter 0.50mm/0.16mm, with rim.