Pull the Basket

Pull the basket generally have stainless steel, chrome and paint material. Pull the basket can provide larger store object space, and can use the basket reasonably segmentation space, make the various items and appliance of each. According to different purposes, pull basket can be divided into the stage of pull the basket, three sides pull the basket, drawer pull the basket, ultra narrow pull the basket, advanced pull the basket, corner pull the basket, etc. In the inside ambry a basket with netting on top and rack is expanding ambry efficiency good method. Host can according to their habit, will kitchenware and tableware placed in the rack, both health, be clear at a glance. Rotary rack makes every space to get good use. Don't elongation arm, just lightly turn, even if most inside of the items can also present in front of his master immediately. But in the wire rack put fruit and vegetables.

Choose to pull the main note the following points.

  1. Pull the basket is commonly according to ambry customized size, therefore provides the ambry size must be accurately.
  2. The solder pulls basket to full, no virtual welding.
  3. Pulls basket to smooth surface, feel comfortable, without burr.
  4. Choose pulls basket to the most important is don't put chrome as stainless steel.
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