Metal Nets Basket

stainless steel wire mesh basket

Product synopsis:
Material: process nets baskets of a basket with netting on top series with stainless steel wire mesh is given priority to, gather electrolytic polishing technology on the surface, the surface light as a mirror.

processing technology: by bending the bend all kinds of arts and crafts.

The surface can be polished, aimless plastic, plastic spraying, according to customer needs to make color of handicraft.

Product advantage: smooth surface, not rust, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, who was born, the environmental protection use: medical sterilizing, pasta, meat barbecue, with the basket of life, fruit basket, popular goods sold, dish basket, cooker frame, racks, with various supermarket goods basket, the turnover box; The hotel with drinks, food frame; With low basket, documents office basket, books, newspaper mow buy planes, such as pet cage.

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