Filtration Baskets

Wire filter baskets and mesh filtration baskets are engineered for various manufacturing processes. Autoclaving components in a filtration basket custom engineered to hold precision parts improves the productivity and cleanliness of technicians tasked with the highest standards and challenging deadlines. Filtration baskets are frequently made with stainless steel in 316 grade stainless or 304 stainless steel. Often, the mesh baskets are electro polished or passivated after welding. These processes improve the cosmetic appearance of the wire baskets and remove small burrs and weld splatter so that personnel are safe from scratches.

Filtration baskets used while sterilizing medical equipment is a common application for laboratory baskets. Taking into account the ultrasonic waves, Shining's engineers commonly use a four openings per linear inch mesh pattern to constrain parts and allow optimal ultrasonic cleaning. Autoclave baskets are another common hospital basket application to improve patient safety by killing bacteria and viruses on all surgical equipment in the medical filter baskets.

Available size for filtration baskets:

Shining Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. manufactures a variety of wire filter baskets, specializing in custom filtration baskets and stainless steel filter baskets to hold the parts of hospital, laboratory, industrial, computer, military and aerospace component parts. Our filtration baskets come in standard sizes and are also custom made with exceptional quality and speed to fit your needs and meet your tight deadlines.

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