Material Handling Baskets

Material handling baskets are used to move products and precisely machined components through various processes including degreasing, dipping, machining, etching, curing and heat treating. Keeping components from not scratching is a primary focus of Shining's design engineering team. Handling baskets with lids and dividers are common attributes that are required by the manufacturing engineer in industrial and aerospace factories that are Shining's biggest clients. Handles are used in material handling baskets so that operators or integrated robots can grab baskets and move them onto conveyors or other racks as machined components flow through factories using the latest lean manufacturing techniques.

Stainless steel mesh baskets and low carbon plain steel material handling baskets are the two most common base materials used at Shining Factory. Shining Factory provides a variety of coatings depending on the environment from electro polishing and passivating for stainless steel wire mesh baskets to nickel, chrome, plastic, powder coating or Teflon coating low carbon steel material handling baskets.

Material handling baskets applications

Material handling baskets are used to transport parts in aerospace and medical factories through various stages in the manufacturing process. Scratch free handling is a primary focus of Shining design engineers specializing in providing a safe landing for precisely machined components.

Available size for material handling baskets

Shining Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. manufactures a variety of wire baskets, specializing in custom wire baskets and stainless steel wire baskets to hold the parts of hospital, laboratory, industrial, computer, military and aerospace component parts. Our wire baskets come in standard sizes as well as custom made with exceptional quality and speed to fit your needs and meet your tight deadlines.

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