Wire baskets can be round, rectangular, straining. Washing and degreasing baskets are usually used in clean rooms, food processing plants, aerospace, medical, research and laboratories.

With various types, material handling baskets are used to move products and precisely machined. It is also used to transport parts in aerospace and medical factories.

Clean Rooms in a laboratory environment need wire baskets and mesh baskets for various medical component and pharmaceutical products. In hospitals, medical baskets are used for medicine.

Filtration baskets used while sterilizing medical equipment is a common application for laboratory baskets. They are also engineered for various manufacturing processes.

Wire Basket Carts can be supplied as stainless steel wire baskets, wire carts. They can be one or two layers. Wire baskets or wire basket carts are widely used in shops and supermarkets.

Stainless Steel Wire Baskets are made of stainless steel welded wire. Stainless steel wire baskets, containers, cages, shelves, and so on. They are used for storage, security.

Dipping and Plating Baskets are used to move products and precisely machined components through various processes including degreasing, dipping, machining, etching, curing and heat treating.

Roll containers are also known as roll cage, trolley. They are widely used for transporting, loading and unloading goods with less time. The foldable type can save space.

Kitchen item series include some types wire baskets, wire racks for kitchen. The materials can be stainless steel wire, low carbon steel wire. The baskets or containers types can be available.

Fruit baskets are usually made with stainless steel wire for corrosion resistance. The baskets types have round, semi circle and others. It is used for fruits storage.

Wine racks series refer to wire racks for wine storage application. The wine rack design is beautiful and special. It is easy to use.

Wire cages for pets or animals are also called pet cages or animal cages. They are the welded wire containers with stainless steel wire or plastic coated wire mesh materials. Animal cages are for birds, cats, dogs and so on.

Wire baskets series made of metal wire and sheets materials from stainless steel, tinned iron, galvanized iron, chrome coated iron or plastic coated iron.

Welded wire containers are commonly used type compared with woven wire containers or wooden containers. Some welded containers with wheels are easy carrying.

Foldable wire container are made use of space as storage for goods, not take up space. And the foldable wire containers can stack to four layers high and easy storing.

Special Wire Containers are wire containers with double painted doors, wire containers with top mesh, wire containers with lift, wire container with wooden pallets and wire container with castors.

Wire mesh containers are widely used in our daily life and industries. Container types as cages, baskets, decking are used in many fields. The materials can be galvanized, stainless steel and brass.

Welded wire container is used for security for animals or other things, with two sided wire containers and three or four sided type. It is designed for fit into corners.

We produce different kinds of metal wire containers for storage. The container types are cages, decking, baskets for application of pets, shops, things transportation.